Ted Greenberg

Registrar (1977-1984)

Elayne Grossbard

Judaica Curator (Judah L. Magnes Museum, 2004-2009)

Elayne Grossbard received a Master’s degree in Art History and Certificate in Conservation from the N.Y.U.

Tova Gazit

Head Archivist (Western Jewish History Center) and Head Librarian (Blumenthal Library)

Tova Gazit was a member of the staff of the Judah L.

Shalom Sabar

Folklorist and Art Historian

Shalom Sabar is Professor of Jewish Art and Folklore at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Lehrhaus Judaica

Lehrhaus Judaica is a non-denominational Jewish studies adult school offering courses to the general public. Its faculty is made up of local university professors, advanced Ph.D.

Fred Rosenbaum


Fred Rosenbaum, an award-winning author, teacher, and educator, is the Founding Director of Links

Rose Levine

Chair, Docent Outreach Program of the Judah L. Magnes Museum

Rose Levine was the chair of the Docent Outreach Program, a volun

Docent Outreach Program of the Judah L. Magnes Museum (1984-2007)

"Begun in 1984, the Berkeley museum's volunteer-staffed Docent Outreach Program -- dubbed "the museum that comes to you" -- currently offers 15 different narrated shows, all but on